Executive Team Development

Bringing together capable individuals does not necessarily mean a successful Executive Team is created. Collective leadership is full of challenge.

BrittendenSmith will facilitate workshops and team coaching to build from current to desired executive team performance using diagnostic tools, group  and individual work to enhance:

  • Mutual Trust
  • Handling Conflict
  • Shared commitment
  • Holding one another to account
  • Focus on results

These are the core building blocks of successful executive treams.

To raise collective capabilty we work alongside a team:

  • Seeking clarity of desired outcomes
  • Defining team purpose
  • Diagnosing
  • Facilitating workshops
  • Observing meetings
  • Providing feedback and coaching 

Core model for leadership team effectiveness

We draw on a range of development and leadership theories and models to inform our work. In this field the pragmatic work of Patrick Lencioni and his model of team effectiveness is the core foundation. Summary of the model.

" Alex has a unique ability to appear both strong and safe to a group and it is because of this that the group relaxes very quickly and begins to open up and start sharing and taking risks with each other.  When he talks people listen and I have heard nothing but good feedback from my team."

CEO - a Not for Profit org.