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Working on Organisational Relationships

Organisations and the people in them are at risk of falling into unhelpful patterns of behaviour that make workplace relationships strained, becoming a distraction from delivering.

BrittendenSmith provide a lens through which leaders and teams can explore the unseen and avoidable traps that individuals, teams and organisations fall into. We offer strategies to guard against these.

Our primary vehicle in this work is Barry Oshry’s Organisational Workshop (OW). The OW provides the window to look clearly at systemic patterns that regularly occur within organisations and which undermine partnership and effectiveness.

The Organisational Workshop (OW)

The OW is a dynamic, high impact, one or two day experiential workshop based on Barry Oshry’s key insights on Power and Leadership. It is a workshop for personal development, for leadership development and for organisational change.

Participants experience the universal conditions, traps and dilemmas of organisational life. By learning first-hand about these traps along with solid theory on avoiding them, individuals emerge with concepts, methods and a common language to improve their interaction in any organisation.

The centre piece of the workshop is an organisational exercise in which participants are dropped into roles as Directors (Tops), Middle managers (Middles), Workers (Bottoms) or Client organisations (Customers). Operating in a turbulent, fast-paced environment they experience situations that regularly occur in such positions. This is not role-play, its real-play!

The OW learning is powerful. Interspersed with the experiential exercises we introduce simple strategic frameworks, the product of Barry Oshry’s forty years study of human systems. These frameworks offer participants more powerful ways of leading as they begin to see, understand and master the systemic conditions they and others are in.

Benefits of the OW include: 

  • Understand more and blame less – develop organisational empathy by getting more in touch with the issues others are facing
  • Create and maintain successful partnerships – learn strategies to influence and partner across, up and down organisational lines
  • Release the untapped leadership potential – particularly of middle managers, promote working across silos and between levels
  • Develop and lead more powerful, energised, effective, customer centric organisations
  • Address root causes, not just symptoms of misunderstandings, communication problems and conflict
  • Spot and shift dysfunctional patterns of behaviours in yourself and others that result in under performance
  • Develop greater capacity and resilience to operate effectively and cope with the recurring frustrations, conflicts and challenges of complex, turbulent organisational life

What you can expect

Alex has been facilitating this work in UK organisations since 2004. BrittendenSmith are the sole provider of Barry Oshry’s Organisational Workshop in NZ.

We will consult with you to design the best workshop configuration to meet your goals.

Embedding and integrating the wisdom, insight and strategies learned from attending an OW is a vital part of our service delivery. We will work with you to identify the best ways to support individuals, groups and teams to make the shifts you and they desire.